Welcome to Hong Green Acupuncture Ottawa!

This site is intended to give an honest and informative description of the services provided at the clinic. In the spirit of honesty, we will forego the linguistic sales tools of using the royal “we” and third person rhetoric. First, allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Jonathan Green. I am a licensed and registered Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner. In 2009, I enrolled at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I studied under knowledgeable teachers who were receptive and approachable. The school also offered a student interdisciplinary student exchange with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, in which I mainly attended lectures pertaining to when a physician may suggest acupuncture as a treatment option. I graduated in 2012. I have since helped clients with acute and chronic pain, infertility and other gynecological issues, and general health.

Generally, people ask “Why acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine?”.  I assure you that it is not for the money.  The program took three and a half years to complete and cost over $40,000.  I could have studied something more accepted in Western society and less of a financial risk.  I did not take this path because I am a spiritual man, although I do have those Ohm moments when I am with nature and animals.  I double check claims and scientific findings on Google Scholars.  I currently eat healthy, but I do indulge in foods no health minded person should eat.  And, I like expensive and materialistic things.  However, I have gone into a field that is typically associated with all the things that I am not.

I studied and practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, because it has helped me, it has created a sense of wonder, and I wanted to be able to fix my own problems in the future.  After graduating from university in 2001, I went to teach English in South Korea for 8 years.  It was there that I began practicing Taichi.  I wanted an exercise that I could practice into my old age.  One early, snowy morning, I went outside to practice Taichi.  I slipped and fell.  This was quite embarrassing considering Taichi teaches balance.  It was also quite scary as I hit the back of my head and lost consciousness.  Following the accident, I lost my sense of smell and suffered excruciating back pain.  Physicians, including neurologists, could do nothing for my loss of smell.  The RMTs, Physiotherapists, and Chiropractors that I visited were unable to alleviate my back pain.  It was then that my wife suggested Acupuncture.

My introduction to acupuncture would change my life for ever.  I was hardly able to walk into that acupuncture clinic.  The doctor (they are considered Doctors over there and will soon be over here) eased me into a chair, asked some questions in broken English, checked my pulse, and looked at my tongue.  A few needles later and the pain was gone.  Two more treatments and the pain did not return.  Amazing!  After my treatments, I began hearing about acupuncture and TCM theory everywhere.  People were talking to me about their treatments and my Taichi teacher suggested that I study Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to understand Taichi more thoroughly.  Being somewhat young, impulsive, and eager to learn, I flew back to Canada to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at the best school that I could find.

Despite having full faith that acupuncture could treat pain, I remained skeptical that acupuncture could do much more than that.  Half way through my first year, my TCM theory teacher was looking for volunteers for a study on Treating Loss of Smell with Acupuncture.  I volunteered.  The first session, he held some vials under my nose and asked if I could smell anything.  I could not.  He inserted some needles and returned with the vials after ten minutes.  Once again he asked me to identify the smells.  I was able to identify all, but one.  I left his clinic with my smell intact.  I could smell all that was pleasant and foul on the streets of Toronto.  The effects wore off by that evening, but  I continued with my treatments.  A year later, my smell was back for good.

At Hong Green Acupuncture Ottawa, you should expect down to earth treatments with your wellness as my top priority.  I am not a great business man.  I hate sales.  I will suggest a treatment course that is consistent with TCM.  Acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners typically only get one shot to get it right in North America.  Physicians are covered under OHIP and get a little more leeway.  It is for this reason, if you have a pain condition and the effect of the treatment has not reduced the pain after 5 minutes, we will pull the needles and there will be no charge.  Chinese medicine is much more than acupuncture.  If you just can’t get past your fear of needles, auricular seeds and herbal medicine work wonders.  Please visit all the sections of this website to see which treatment is best suited for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is regulated under the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO). This regulatory body is in place to protect the public. The main difference between an Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner is that a TCM Practitioner is permitted to prescribe herbal formulas. The acupuncture program typically takes two years to complete (roughly 22 months). The TCM Practitioner program requires an additional year of study. Both titles require school exams, licensing exams, and registration with the CTCMPAO.