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Eastern Medicine Today

At Hong Green Acupuncture Ottawa, we practice Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine, Japanese Medicine, and Korean Medicine all fall under the umbrella of Eastern Medicine. Acupuncture and moxibustion, herbal medicine, and cupping are a few modalities typically associated with Eastern Medicine. Different techniques and schools of thought have developed over the years as theoreticians and clinicians focus and interpret different aspects of the classical texts. Some approaches may be more effective for your condition than others.

The Difference

Unique Assessments

Our method revitalizes the long lost art of pulse and auricular diagnosis. We begin our assessment with pulse and auricular diagnosis. Your pulse and ears reveal your TCM pattern, areas affected, and related western diagnoses. Our findings are then confirmed with questions and inspection.

Effective Treatments

Treatments are based on the pulse and auricular findings. We address complaints by returning aberrant pulses and auricular morphological abnormalities to a healthy state.  The treatments alleviate symptoms and treat the condition itself. Routine pulse taking, auricular inspections, and follow up questions allow us to monitor your progress and modify treatments as you progress.

Customized Plans

We strongly recommend following the recommendations and treatment plan. We aim to address your concerns quickly and safely without putting financial strain on you and your family. Significant improvements can be felt within three weeks.

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